Push Start


The Push-start account program is a “Growth” account built for traders to develop a better career and become professional traders The account sizes range from $1250 to $20,000.

Payout is on the 14th and 28th, and salaries are paid on a monthly basis.

Protecting your Psychology

Your success is our priority, Bulls Capital Funding has been developed by real traders who know, by experience, the real struggle and hard work behind making profits and becoming consistently profitable. For this reason, we offer a fixed guaranteed salary, Cheap Account fees, and Long term growth plan.

Starting Balance $1,250 $2,500 $5,000 $10,000 $20,000
Target 10% to scale up the account
Daily Loss 4%
Max Loss 10%
Profit Split 20% scaled up to 80% plus salary as applicable
Max scaling available 1M USD
Leverage 1:50
Platform MTS
One time Fee $70 $50 $100 $150 $200

Unparalleled Platform

You have the option of trading under either TradingView or Metatrader – the two most trusted platforms in the industry.

Marketing leading fees

Spreads And Commissions.


Watch The Markets On Our Platform In Realtime Using Our TradingView Integration.

First-in class Liquidity providers

Will Give You Lightning Fast Order Placement.

Scaling Plan

Scaling Level Balance Profit Split Monthly Salary
Level 1 $100,000.00 30% $200
Level 2 $200,000.00 50% $500
Level 3 $400,000.00 55% $1000
Level 4 $800,000.00 70% $1500
Level 5 $1..5 Million 75% $5000

Account Rules

You have the option of trading under either TradingView or Metatrader – the two most trusted platforms in the industry.

5% Daily Draw Down

You must not have a 5% drawdown based on your balance or equity on your account within a 24-hour period starting 00:00 server time. Always remember: Drawdown % = [1 – (lowest equity or balance for the day) / (starting equity or balance for the day) ] X 100

10% Overall Drawdown

Your account must not go down by 10% (realized/unrealized) to balance or equity. For example: if you have a $50,000 account, then 10% of that is $5,000. So if your account goes lower than $45,000 then your account has violated the overall drawdown rule

Lost Account After Scale

when you lose your account after you scale to any of the levels, you can reset the Account to continue from where you left off, you have to do is send us a message

Profit Target

Make 2.5 profit to be able to withdraw The payout for this account is done on Bi-Weekly


Yes, after the 1 step verification,, you get to Trade real money and earn real money with a monthly salary

This Account is not a full 2-step challenge, however, verification is a step required to be Funed, which Trader should make 6% of profit target to be funded

You can scale up 800,000 capital while your profit split increases up to 85%. check the “Push Start” Model page for a complete list

A profit split can be requested every 14th of every month Your account should be active and KYC verified to request a profit split

we will interview our successful traders when they Scale up at least 2 from their Initial Capital and will have a separate contract in place with conditions for the salary payout, However, traders should have at least 2% profit luck in their Account to be able to Qualify for the monthly salary

we are the first to introduce salary in the industry to completely eliminate traders making physiological mistakes