Our Elite program is a two-step process where a potential Funded trader can prove their FOREX, CFD, or commodities trading skills. Evaluation trading account sizes range from $5k to $200k with profit-split payouts occurring bi-weekly. A trader can have up to 600k in capital from evaluation accounts but only 200k per trading account.

How it Works


Reach a profit target of 8% without breaching any of the other rules in Phase 1


Reach a profit target of 5% without breaching any of the other rules within a 60-calendar day period in Phase 2


Get funded, And take 70% of the profit

Starting Balance $5000 $15,000 $25,000 $55,000 $150,000 $250,000 $500,000
Target Phase 1-Evaluation Phase = 8%

Daily Loss

Max Loss

5% from Starting balance 4% from starting balance
Profit Split 70% scaled up to 90% Plus
Max scaling available 1.5M USD
Leverage 1:200
Platform MTS
One time Fee $40 $90 $150 $150 $250 $490 $800

Account Rules

You have the option of trading under either TradingView or Metatrader – the two most trusted platforms in the industry.

5% Daily Draw Down

You must not have a 5% drawdown based on your balance or equity on your FOREX trading account within a 24-hour period starting at 5 pm EST.

12% Overall Drawdown

Your FOREX trading account must not go down by 12% (realized/unrealized)to the initial balance. For Overall Drawdown: Drawdown % = [1- (lowest equity or balance for the day) / (initial balance of the account) ] x 100

Lost Account After Scale

5% profit target phase 2

No trading restrictions

Trade your FOREX Prop firm account your way, your size, and your time. We do not limit the way you can trade. We do recommend that you maintain consistency and focus on risk management as it is important for long-term success. Be aware of all rules before starting.


You can trade up to 200k and can scale up to 1.5M Funded Account

Our Challenge is the first step of our Evaluation Process. Before we allow you to trade our Account connected to our Proprietary Trading firm, we need to be sure you can trade responsibly and manage risk properly. The Challenge stage has reasonable rules, where the

The Verification stage is the second and final step of our Evaluation Process. The purpose of the Verification stage is to test your trading consistency. We need to be sure that you can trade your system or strategy profitably in the long run while respecting the rules. The Verification stage has much easier ”Trading Objectives” compared to the Challenge stage. In the Verification, the Profit Target is reduced by half.